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Niaz Diasamidze & 33a
Group was founded in 1996, in Tbilisi, Georgia.

The name of the group represents the address of house where the group’s leader - Niaz Diasamidze and two other group members live.

First album -“Tbilisi” was recorded in 1997.

In 1998 - new album was recorded –“Ichqare nela” (Hurry up slowly) most of the compositions have become hits.

In 2002, new album “gza” was recorded. It should be mentioned that the group in its songs often uses national folk style. Group has also created several compositions for TV programs and movies.

In 2005, new album ‘akhali albomi” was represented, it includes several compositions from movies, mentioned above.

In 2005 at the cinema festival of Mediterranean countries held in city of Montpelier in the Levan Zakareishvili`s film “Tbilisi Tbilisi” group leader Niaz Diasamidze was awarded for soundtrack for this film.

In 2006 leader of the group Niaz Diasamidze create a soundtrack for Alexander Rekhviashvili’s film “The lasts” and in 2009 was Vano Burduli’s film “A trip to Karabakhi”.

Music in Film:

In 1995 – Hotel “California”, Atu Alaba
In 1997 – “Otsnebebis sasaflao”
In 2006 – “Ukanaskneli”
In 2008 – “Utsnobi Djariskatsi”
In 2012 – “Bolo Gaseirneba” – Last Trip

In 2008 the group was in tour in Paris, Kiev and Kharkov and in 2009 in Paris, church of Madlene, there was held a concert: “Solidarite avec la Georgie” and in Warsaw on festival “The days of Caucasus”.

In 26 May of 2010 ,founder of the group 33a, was awarded by the presidential order of
Excellence for Innovation and patriotic aspiration by the president of Georgia Mikheil Saakashvili

In 2011, new album “Saperavi”, which is very rich with poesy of Galaktioni, Shota Rustaveli, Vaja Pshavela.

Group members are:
Niaz Diasamdze - Vocal, Guitar, Piano, Panduri (national Georgian folk instrument)
Paco Gukasov - Bass Guitar
Kaki Japaridze - Drums
Avtua kraveishvili - Ac. Guitar
Aleksander Nikoladze - Fluit
Achiko Tsimakuridze - El.Guitar



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