E.E.C. Extra Entertainment Corporation Limited


E.E.C. Extra Entertainment Corporation Ltd. and its subdivision Extra Estrada Records manage a web-only shop. At the moment you can acquire digital downloads from our online musical store.


About us


Extra Estrada Records is a subdivision of the E.E.C. Extra Entertainment Corporation Ltd., a legal entity registered in E.U., which was created by artists and for disseminating their music. It is designed to be the most comprehensive musical source for music lovers, dj's, music promoters and connosseurs of non-mainstream musical products, in the « extra-estrada » style as it is called by the music label itself.


Our aims


Our main purpose is to provide the best personalised service and support to each and every customer. Our customer service is open 9.00 – 18.00 pm every weekday, and outside working hours we guarantee a 24 hour e-mail response to customer enquiries made via our web site or by e-mail.





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